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Can you help me position my apps?

The strategy of how to position your app in an app store potentially containing dozens of competitors is very important, and we can help you get the right kind of exposure for your target audience.

User friendly apps that just work

We have a very specific focus on building applications that feel natural on the iPhone platform, and that's what we strive to do on every project.

Hello. We are Ipanema Labs.
We plan, design and build incredible iPhone apps.

Services Provided:

  • iOS software development (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android software development
  • Web service (API) design and implementation
  • Web development (we are experts on the LAMP / PHP / MySQL stack)
  • Database design and performance optimization
  • System architecture

Latest News

Learning by Inspecting and Analyzing Apps

I presented at the February 2015 meeting of the Houston iPhone Developers meetup about inspecting live third party applications. This session explained how to use jailbreak for educational purposes, on this specific case a way to inspect the view hierarchy of applications, allowing you to see how other developers solved a problem, or how some specific feature was implemented.

iOS 7 presentation at the Houston iPhone Developers meetup

I presented at the October 2013 meeting of the Houston iPhone Developers meetup about iOS 7. This session gave a quick overview of the new iOS 7 SDK features, some tips/tricks on features that are often overlooked, and bugs/compatibility issues. I have som interesting examples of issues that are important for developers trying to build iOS apps that work on both iOS 6 and iOS 7.