iOS 7 presentation at the Houston iPhone Developers meetup

I presented at the October 2013 meeting of the Houston iPhone Developers meetup about iOS 7. This session gave a quick overview of the new iOS 7 SDK features, some tips/tricks on features that are often overlooked, and bugs/compatibility issues. I have some interesting examples of issues that are important for developers trying to build iOS apps that work on both iOS 6 and iOS 7.

You can go to Speaker Deck for extra options, or you can browse through the presentation below:

Client project: Houston Living app now live!

HAR got in touch with us to build a new iOS application to serve Houston citizens. The idea came from a partnership with the city of Houston, and the goal was to build an app that would provide localized information about community events, points of interest and government topics. The Houston Living application is geared towards citizens that want to know what is happening in their neighborhoods.

After several months of work the application is now available on the iTunes App Store, as an universal application for iPhone/iPad.

Update: Houston Mayor Annise Parker held a press conference about the release of the app on October 3rd, and there was some local news coverage as well:

  1. Mayor press conference video on YouTube.
  2. Houston Chronicle coverage about the new iOS application.

Here are some screenshots of this application (I especially like the rotating animation on the iPad version):

Houston Open Data Hackathon: YES Parking app

The City of Houston Open Innovation Hackathon was just this past weekend, and it was actually pretty fun to work on something for a few hours. I joined a team from Alvarez & Marsal, who wanted to build something for the iOS platform on the Hackathon. We were very strapped for time, so we ended up doing a simpler iOS application that we thought would still be useful to the Houston community.

That iOS application is called YES Parking, and the idea was to build a map based app that would help drivers find parking locations within Houston. We built the iOS app to plot parking meters, valet parking zones, special events together with their availability and rate information. We wanted to display parking citation and crime incident data as well, but we ran out of time.

It was tough building something quickly over the 6-7 hours of time that were available, while still wrangling the data formats that were provided as part of the Houston Open Data initiative. I wish there was a public web API of some sort that we could use to get access to this data in a programatic way.

In any case, at the end of the hackathon a working prototype of the YES Parking app was ready for demonstration. Hopefully I can do some polish work on the app and actually release it on the iTunes App Store in the near future.

Client project: What We Wear Where now live!

We were contacted by the client to build a lifestyle iPhone application to help users share their unique style and see what others are wearing at different places or social situations. The project involved creating a comprehensive set of wireframes of the application, and iterating over different use cases to make sure the app provided the best user experience.

This was a fun project to work on, involving everything from the initial iOS app wireframes, all the way to the backend web service API, to the user experience and interaction within the app.

What We Wear Where is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

ILAddressAutocomplete open source library

I just published a new library on Github for something that I needed in one of my projects. ILAddressAutocomplete is a simple wrapper on top of Google Places Autocomplete API. It was created because I needed to provide a list of address suggestions based on user input. ILAddressAutocomplete is the class used to find the address suggestions via this API, but the results don’t include the GPS coordinate of the address.

There’s ILAddressInfoLookup for that purpose, which uses a different API call to fetch the GPS coordinate. Usage is very similar in both cases, with a couple of delegate methods that need to be implemented to receive the details.

Read more at the github project page.

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