Client project: What We Wear Where now live!

We were contacted by the client to build a lifestyle iPhone application to help users share their unique style and see what others are wearing at different places or social situations. The project involved creating a comprehensive set of wireframes of the application, and iterating over different use cases to make sure the app provided the best user experience.

This was a fun project to work on, involving everything from the initial iOS app wireframes, all the way to the backend web service API, to the user experience and interaction within the app.

What We Wear Where is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

ILAddressAutocomplete open source library

I just published a new library on Github for something that I needed in one of my projects. ILAddressAutocomplete is a simple wrapper on top of Google Places Autocomplete API. It was created because I needed to provide a list of address suggestions based on user input. ILAddressAutocomplete is the class used to find the address suggestions via this API, but the results don’t include the GPS coordinate of the address.

There’s ILAddressInfoLookup for that purpose, which uses a different API call to fetch the GPS coordinate. Usage is very similar in both cases, with a couple of delegate methods that need to be implemented to receive the details.

Read more at the github project page.

AFNetworking presentation

I presented at the October 2011 meeting of the Houston iPhone Developers meetup about AFNetworking, a new network library for iOS developers. It’s a very young open-source project, but it seems to be gaining traction quickly, and provides a ton of very useful features.

You can go to the slideshare page for extra options, or you can browse through the presentation below:

HAR iPad application approved

The HAR iPad application has been approved by Apple’s review team, and it’s now available at the App Store. Several months of development went into this, so we are happy to see it finally be available to the public.

AFNetworking presentation at the next Houston iPhone Developer meetup

We will do a presentation about AFNetworking at the next Houston iPhone Developer meetup happening on October 25th. Ben Scheirman from ChaiONE will be kindly hosting us there this time.

If you are interested in joining us, you can RSVP at the event page. I hope to see everyone from the Houston iPhone dev community there!

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